Reforming of PBT - december 2014

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Reforming of PBT - december 2014

Post by Geek Dad on 21/12/2014, 15:06

Hello everyone,

Last week we had lots of changes in PBT as Platinum Backdoor Ultimate disbanded for several reasons (most of players can't really play for serious, especially from 2015). For this reason I am not playing anymore for the team and I will focus on the coaching and managing for the moment.

Dersjen joins Platinum Backdoor Delta after the leaving of temporary mid - TsoyaBean and the departure of Alagrah and Pèlut who won't have anymore time to play for serious. So from now we are still looking for a serious Jungler to try to start serious trainings again and focus on our progression together.

A lot of work is needed for all of us to try to push our skills and team-play reflexes to try to reach D3+ in 5v5 (and most of things will depend on our Jungler choice) and each PBT player will have to work hard on himself from now to try to catch up the late in our goal that we took.
Well, of course, we're not so late as the season 5 hasn't really started. But we will work hard from now to make sure to start S5 with good basics Wink

As we got only one line-up now, we remove ULTIMATE and DELTA tags and we are now only Platinum Backdoor Team !

Have fun & play fair !!
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