Announcement: Leaving

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Announcement: Leaving

Post by Dersjen on 21/2/2015, 22:43


My name is Dersjen, but this you all already know. As you can see from the name of this topic, I will be leaving Platinum Backdoor Gaming. This is due to lack of motivation to play League competitively, and the fact that I want to focus more on school and being with my friends.

As I said in my introduction (which is at this date, still the only one Wink ), I have played this game for some years now. And during this period, there have been times where the motivation to play League isnt as big as it usually is. And due to recent comments and dissatisfaction in the team about my motivation and dedication to play on this team, I have decided that I will leave.

But it is still a hard decision to make. During the course of the last couple of months, we have had a lot of fun together and I will remember all the fun times we had together. Unfortunatly I havent been able to follow up on the schedule very well lately, so instead of having you working around me, I think it would be better for the team in general that you find yourself a new midlaner. And we are closing up to exams, so I will be even less active in League for the next months.

Another factor is also that I havent been playing too good recently, but yeah.

I wish you all the best of luck, and I really hope you will find a midlaner that will have the same dedication and motivation as you guys. I believe that you will be able to reach far as long as you are able to fix the problems you are facing now. It has been really fun playing with all of you and hope that we can part as friends.

Good luck onwards



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Re: Announcement: Leaving

Post by Geek Dad on 22/2/2015, 21:56

Hello man,

thank you for your message, I understand totally your view, I hope you can fix iRL things and enjoy this fucking short life !!!
I really wish that you don't disapear and to see you in League sometimes Wink

You're a great dude, very nice to meet you.

I wish you the best for your future !
Geek Dad

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