Announcement: Leaving

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Announcement: Leaving

Post by XDemi on 7/3/2015, 01:28


As I had pretty high expectations for this season to go really far with a competitive team, where i would improve myself not only mechanically but also team wise and had quite much fun with, i was really motivated to train as hard as i possibly can. I was quite sure Platinum Backdoor was the right team for it with the perfect roster and the perfect coach to go competitive. But as things went a bit different then expected the last weeks ending with Dersjen leaving the team and all waiting for a solution for our future we really missed a coach. Not only in analyzing our game to get better but also in managing the team and solve the problems.

I know you have a girlfriend Geek Dad and I really hope you get happy with her Smile But as I really want to play League of Legends at the highest possible level I took the decision, after many thoughts about it, that I will leave Platinum Backdoor. I was happy every member of Platinum Backdoor treated me well in any way and I will never forget the time in this team, as I had many good moments in here Very Happy I wish you all the best of luck in the future and I hope we will meat again.

Sincerely, Simon "XDemi" Demharter

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